Religious Studies

Head of Department: Mrs Bola

Teachers: Mrs Eden, Mrs Williams 

Departmental Aims and Objectives

The Religious Studies Department is working specifically towards the following Aims and Objectives in accordance with the aims of both the school and Religious Education nationally:


  • For students to acquire and develop both knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions.


  • To develop students understanding and appreciation of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, communities and societies.


  • To encourage students to reflect upon a variety of responses made by religious traditions to moral and religious issues and to develop the ability of students to make reasoned and informed judgements about such issues.


  • To foster the spiritual development of students and the consideration of alternative value systems.


  • To develop within students a positive attitude towards other people, respecting and appreciating their beliefs and values as members of a pluralistic society.


Programme of Study


Year 7    What is religion? Learning through Hinduism Judaism Islam

                Who was Jesus? Beginnings of Christianity

                Introducing Philosophy


Year 8    Who are the Christians? 

The Qur’an and A Guide to life

Sikhism the basics

                Can we live together?

                Buddhism Experiencing Religion


 Year 9 Following AQA Religious Studies B Full Course

Christian Beliefs and Practices

                Existence of God and revelation

                Religion War and Peace


Year 10 Marriage and Family Life

                Hindu Beliefs and Practices

                Religion and Life Issues


Year 11 Religion and Life Issues


Year 12 and 13 Following OCR Religious Studies 

                Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and Developments in Buddhist Thought




Religious Studies Date  
RS Takeaway 18th Jul 2016 Download
Ethics Enrichment 18th Jul 2016 Download