GCSE Revision Guidance

A commitment to independent study and revision is essential if students are to achieve the highest grade possible.  In addition to their text book, students will benefit from using a revision guide such as that published by CGP. 

Online vocab-learning tools such as Memrise and Quizlet can also be useful.  Past papers are available on the AQA website and will be shared with students.  It is imperative that students prepare for their Spanish GCSE over a prolonged period of time, rather than ‘cram’ for their exam at the last minute. 

Students should already be spending a couple of hours each week working through revision materials over and above any homework set in class. 

We would appreciate parents’ support in encouraging students to make the most of the resources detailed above.

Revision sessions are also put on by staff each Week 1 Wednesday, and Week 2 Tuesday.


Modern Foreign Languages at Burnham Grammar School

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs J Keys

Teachers: Mr Hobbs (Assistant Head of Languages), Mr Lennon, Mrs Alder (on maternity leave 2016), and Ms Banks
Language assistants: Mrs Cartwright and Mrs Rutherford

Three languages are currently taught at Burnham Grammar School – French, German and Spanish.  The department is staffed by five teachers, with the majority of lessons taking place in a dedicated suite of rooms in D Block, each with an interactive whiteboard.  Students are fortunate enough to be provided with their own copy of the course textbooks and have access to dictionaries, mini whiteboards and supplementary reading materials in class.  In French we follow the Expo course, in German Echo and in Spanish Mira.

In Y7 students study two languages, each for three periods a fortnight.  Towards the end of the year students choose one language to continue with from Y8 onwards.  In Y8 students have six lessons per fortnight in their preferred language in order to focus intensively on embedding key grammar and vocabulary that will underpin their future progress.  During Y8, students make their GCSE options.  It is not compulsory at BGS to study a modern foreign language to GCSE, but it is positively encouraged.   

All three languages are offered at GCSE.  We also encourage native speakers of the languages we teach to gain a GCSE qualification (if they have not taken the subject as one of their options).  Students are then able to continue their language studies to either AS or A Level.  Our GCSE students and sixth-formers benefit enormously from regular conversation sessions in French and Spanish with our Foreign Language Assistants, both of whom are native speakers.

To enhance students’ knowledge and enjoyment of language-learning we offer a number of trips to various year groups to France, Germany and Spain.  These trips are always very popular, not only with the students but also with members of staff – we are never short of volunteers amongst the teachers!  Cartwright (Spanish) Mrs Rutherford (French)