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Posted on: 02/03/2017

Burnham Grammar wins the Big Award!

The school's hard work and dedication to challenging bullying behaviour has been recognised with a national award.

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The Bullying Intervention Group Big Award has been given to Burnham Grammar after putting strategies in place to ensure all students can learn in a friendly and bully free space. Ideas such as the special email address for reporting bad behaviour was one of the schemes which impressed the Bullying Intervention Group.

A plaque to recognise the whole school's work and achievement will be in reception for all to see.

Val McFarlane, director of the Bullying Intervention Group said: "Burnham Grammar School, like many schools, takes bullying very seriously.  The school has a number of strategies in place to ensure that the students can learn and socialise in an inclusive and non threatening environment. 

"I was especially impressed with the school's idea of having an email address for reporting bullying issues, and also the vertical form system which allows support from older students to younger ones. 

"This is the third year that Burnham Grammar School have achieved the BIG Award for Excellence in Challenging Bullying, and I am delighted that they are continuing with their fantastic anti-bullying prevention work."