Year 11

GCSE Revision Guidance by subject


There are support sessions provided each Tuesday lunchtime as well as on Monday's after school.

Business Studies

Revision sessions are being held for year 11 students each Wednesday lunchtime.

Please click here to download the Business Studies preparation pack.

Design and Technology

Students are invited to support sessions each Monday lunchtime and then after school as well.

We intend to run targeted revision classes after Easter but these will be finalised once other departments sessions are timetabled for after Easter.

Google classrooms has a selection of past papers.

You can find Resistant Materials past papers here:


Please click here to open the Powerpoint presentation which contains guidance on the Literature and Language sections of the course and what to expect in the exams, as well as handy tips of how to revise.


Revision sessions will be held each Tuesday after school:

Tuesday 14 March -  Water on the Land

Tuesday 21 March - Global Tourism

Tuesday 28 March - The Living World

Tuesday 18 April  - Restless Earth

Tuesday 25 April - Population

Tuesday 2 May - Changing Urban Environments


GCSE Revision sessions are put on for students each Tuesday after school. Please speak to your class teacher for details.

Modern Foreign Languages

A commitment to independent study and revision is essential if students are to achieve the highest grade possible.  In addition to their text book, students will benefit from using a revision guide such as that published by CGP. 

Online vocab-learning tools such as Memrise and Quizlet can also be useful.  Past papers are available on the AQA website and will be shared with students.  It is imperative that students prepare for their Spanish GCSE over a prolonged period of time, rather than ‘cram’ for their exam at the last minute. 

Students should already be spending a couple of hours each week working through revision materials over and above any homework set in class. 

We would appreciate parents’ support in encouraging students to make the most of the resources detailed above.

Revision sessions are also put on by staff each Week 1 Wednesday, and Week 2 Tuesday at lunchtime in D13 and D14.

Religious Studies  

Students will be provided a set of past papers for each unit and some comprehensive revision materials.

All students have been issued a passport these outline the topic booster revision session they should attend. These are run Monday Tuesday and Wednesday in T01 at lunch time. They have been informed how many sessions to attend.

Alternative Materials Year 11 Revision

GCSE Religious Studies for AQA B: Religion and Life Issues Revision Guide Lesley Parry

Publisher: Hodder Education (26 Mar. 2010 )ISBN-10: 1444112406 ISBN-13: 978-1444112405

AQA (B) GCSE Religious Studies Revision Guide Unit 2: Religion and Life Issues: Religion and Life Issues and Religion and Morality (Exam Revision Notes) Sheila Butler

Publisher: Philip Allan (25 Sept. 2009)ISBN-10: 0340987189 ISBN-13: 978-0340987186

Unfortunately there is not a revision guide we could recommend for the Philosophy and Ultimate Questions paper.


Revision sessions will be held for year 11 students as follows:

Week One

Wednesday lunchtime by invitation only

Wednesday after school drop in open to all

Week Two

Wednesday lunchtime tuition by invitation only

Wednesday after school drop in open to all

Please click here to see the presentation give at the Year 11 Revision and Information Evening on Tuesday February 21. It contains details on how study leave will be given, revision sessions, details on exam timetables, and much more.

The presentation from Mr Griffiths for Maths can be found here.

The presentation from Ms Wrycraft regarding English can be found here.

The presentation from Mr Farry about the Science exams can be found here

Year 11 Support Timetable – February 2017

Week 1 & Week 2 (unless stated)

















MFL (Week 2)



Business Studies


MFL (Week 1)




3.30 – 4.30PM



















English (by invitation only)